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FlexMail™ 4

FlexMail 4 Software

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FlexMail 4

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FlexMail 4 Software [.zip - 495 MB ]

Web Promotion Code for your FREE 30 Day Trial:  

You will need to input this code when you install the software to start your 30 day free trail.

FlexMail is available in 3 different editions:

Basic Advanced Professional
Input files
Open Database files of any size in Access, Excel (Office 2007 and 2010) , Text (csv, tab), Xml, Html, Txt,  dBase format and any other over an ODBC connection x x x
Open multi-page pdf-files "as database" x x
Generate counters / (sequential) numbering x x x
Generate dates and times in any format x x x
Generate contents for postal barcodes and indicia x x
Define functions in Visual Basic x x
Use/add look-up tables for translations and file look-up x x
Get data from pdf documents x
Data manipulation
Sort and filter records on any data field. Define re-usable queries. x x x
Define and create new databases. x x
Modify data in the linked database x x
Convert databases from and to any supported format x x
Find and remove duplicate records on any combination of fields x x
Merge multiple databases into one single database x x
Purge records from a database that exist in another x x
Page size up to 100 inch/250 cm. x x x
Design labels for use on labelsheets. x x x
Import page background x x
Duplex layouts (designing & printing 2 layouts per record) x x
Define and print multiple (conditional) layouts x
Text in any font, size, color, rotation x x x
Over 80 different barcodes (1-D, 2-D and postal) x x x
Postal indicia (e.g. Premium address and PPI’s for many countries) x x
Import pictures in bmp, tiff, gif, jpeg, pcx, png,, tga, wmp, and pdf format x x x
Variable pictures based on other (conditional) data x x
Print to any windows supported printer x x
Print/save project to PDF x x
Professional print dashboard x x
Print simultaneously on multiple printers x x
Define print pauses based on any data field x x x
Purge printheads before printing x x x
Keep-alive function to avoid drying out of nozzles x x x
Create print proof in pdf-format x x
Calculate print costs (estimate and real) x x
Print job logging x
Create read-and-print and print-and-verify scripts x
Create scripts that control the print process x
Create scripts that are linked to the printer to control the mail table x
Add custom controls to the print bar x
Add-on modules
Print Pro I: Lexmark, XiJet, Inc.Jet  support x x x
Print Pro II: HP4000, Meteor support x x x
Royal Mail Address Verification UK x x x
Royal Mail Mailsort (70/120/700/1400/Walksort) x x x


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