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FlexStream Software

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FlexStream Software [.zip - 341 MB ]

Web Promotion Code for your FREE 30 Day Trial:  
8Y7X 49JR 6118 8C

You will need to input this code when you install the software to start your 30 day free trail.

FlexStream is available in 3 different editions:

Basic Advanced Professional
Input files
Open (multiple) PDF files of any number of pages x x x
Support of different layouts for each input file x x
Digital inserts (conditional) x
Read and manipulate Data
Read text from input document x x x
Check for images on input document x x x
Read/decode barcodes from input document x x
Generate dates and times in any format x x
Generate contents for postal barcodes and indicia x x
Define functions in Visual Basic x x
Use/add look-up tables for translations and file look-up x x
Grouping and sorting
Define document breaks x x x
Group documents in sets x x x
Overcount splitting x x x
Overcount separation x x x
Order documents within sets x x
Sort sets x x
Split job in multiple groups (e.g. based on set size) x x
Summary report x x x
Operator instructions x x x
Scancode generation
Select and configure inserter properties x x x
Define divert and feed options x x x
Create Scancodes (OMR, 1D Barcodes, 2D Barcodes) x x x
Scancode design forms for correct Scancode placement x x x
Document Layout
Remove cover (leading and trailing) pages from input documents x x x
Document scaling (fit to paper) and moving of contents x x x
Duplexing of document x x x
Add overlays to the document (front- or backside) x x
Blank out areas x x x
Add (conditional) shapes to a document x x
Add (conditional) text x x
Add (conditional and variable) pictures x x
Add (conditional) barcodes x x
Add postal indicia x x
Preview processed documents per page, document or set. x x x
Datasheet view displaying all document data in table format x x x
Print on any windows supported printer x x x
Print/save project to PDF x x x
Dynamic paper tray selection x x
Multiple printer support x x
Closed loop processing x
Other output
Email all or a selection of the documents x
Save documents for archiving x


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PDF LogoFlexStream Overview [.pdf ]

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PDF LogoFlexStream Brochure [.pdf ]

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